January 15th Upcoming Events

by Jan 6, 2021Weekly Newsletter

It’s only January and we already are adding new and fun events to make 2021 the most amazing and spectacular year yet! 

This Thursday join us for our first ever 
Open MIC Night!! Join us!!
 It’s going to be a fun night of music, wine, & tacos! 
Have you ever experienced a cooking class?
Visit Eventbrite to learn more and to sign up for one of our Cooking Class Demo and Dinner Classes!  

Here’s the weekend line up: 
Thursday, January 14th – Open 11am-9pm
Rogue Tacos – 12pm-8:30pm
Join us for Open Mic Night 6pm-9pm.

Friday, January 15th – Open 11am-9pm
Rogue Tacos – 12pm-5:30pm 
Dinner by Aces Gourmet – 6pm-9pm

Live music by Mike Pilgermayer 6pm-9pm

Saturday,  January 16th – Open 11am-9pm
FOOD: The Cheese Guys – 11am-5pm
Spreading Joy Gourmet Treats by Linda – 11am-5pm
Rogue Tacos – 12pm-8:30pm
MUSIC: George Baier – 1:30pm-4pm

Sunday, January 17th – Open 11am-8pm
FOOD:Rogue Tacos – 12pm-7:30pm
MUSIC: Mike Pilgermayer – 2pm-5pm

Monday, January 18th – MLK Day
Open 11am-6pm!!!!
FOOD:Rogue Tacos – 12pm-5pm
MUSIC:Mike Pilgermayer – 2pm-5pm
Important Links:The Underground Experience
The Special Couples Edition Underground Experience
A World Class Dining Experience in the Underground Room
The Blue Ridge Estate Bed & Breakfast
Cooking Class Demo and A World Class Dinner – see below!

As always, thank you for your continued support… the entire Blue Ridge team appreciates it!!
Enjoy Life! 

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                  it’s to add value to YOUR Life.   Randy & Tiffany     Maggie, Joseph, & Natalie!!