Absolutely Delicious

Elegant Dry & Off-Dry Whites

Magnificent Chardonnay 0% sugar $7/glass $24/Bottle – BRILLIANT ON THE NOSE! A PERFECT Chardonnay. Fruity, melon, and pineapple aromas with pleasant, complex, lemon zest, fig and mango tastes!

Conscious 0% sugar $7/glass $20/Bottle – **A VERY COMPLEX WHITE WINE** Starts like Moscato, feels like Riesling, ends like Chardonnay. The most delicate, floral wine in the world.

Wet Kiss White 0% sugar $8.00/glass  $21.00/Bottle – This crisp, dry white wine is bright and fresh with beautiful flower notes.

Riesling 1% sugar $6/glass $16/Bottle – This classic Riesling exhibits upfront aromas of soft peach with notes of lime.

Pinot Grigio 2% sugar $7/glass $24/Bottle ======A PINOT LIKE NO OTHER====== Lovely classic aromas of mixed flowers, orange blossom, ripe tropical fruit, apricot, citrus, and wonderful fruit-forward pear, honey and green apple flavors throughout; light body and perfectly balanced; clean, and very delicate.


Renegade $8/glass $21/Bottle – New World meets Old World, an American Hybrid and a European Classic working in perfect harmony. The Perfect blend of Merlot grapes & the light and fruity CONCORD grape.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon $8/glass $24/Bottle – Deep Color, Rich Soft Voluminous Tannins, Intensity of Flavor. This Cab boasts waves of Silky Black Plum and Blackberry Fruit, its formidable structure lends itself to the Ultimate 8 Second Taste. Served at the Hampton Hotels.

Merlot 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged $9/glass $27/Bottle –  Rich Dark Ruby Color; very complex, soft smooth & subtle, blackberry, cocoa flavors, very dry, traditional black cherry aromas up front, full body, firm tannins, excellent balance. Served at the Hampton Hotels

The Godfather $10/glass $37/Bottle – RANKED IN THE TOP 1% WINES IN THE WORLD Crafted in only 75 bottles per batch, The Godfather demands respect. Uniquely aged in bourbon barrels to take on a vanilla, maple-oak aroma, full bodied, round tannins, leaving you with a long lingering buttery finish.

THE GODMOTHER $10/glass $37/Bottle – WOW! The Magic of Godmother…Where Wishes Come True. The Very Best of a Dry Red & the Sweet Memory of Eating Wild Raspberries of Long Ago.

Ruff Day Red – $8.00/Glass  $24.00/Bottle – This dry wine is a powerful blend of world class grapes, capturing the perfect balance of soft tannins and ripe dark fruit.

Introducing the 1st ever Blue Ridge Winery PORTS!!! 

Heavenly Chocolate! 4% sugar $9/glass  $27/Bottle Welcome to heaven. Enjoy world class red wine infused with decadent chocolate then perfectly fortified to 20% alc. it’s Heaven on Earth!

Caramel Brown Sugar! 4% sugar $9/glass  $27/Bottle – Luxuriously balanced with a warm sense of soft candy caramel dancing in perfect harmony with the firm tannin structure of red wine. It’s love at first taste every time!

Fire Roasted Marshmallow! 4% sugar  $9/glass  $27/Bottle Captures that perfect moment sitting around the campfire, crisp air, great friends, and delicious fire roasted marshmallows.


Inspiration 3% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $5/Glass $13/Bottle ====VERY POPULAR===== A beautiful off dry elegant white wine. Apricot upfront with a long flavorful finish.

Special Edition Glitter Inspiration (Multiple Colors Available) 3% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $6/Glass $15/Bottle – The world famous Inspiration with the mesmerizing effects of edible glitter!

Peach Inspiration 4% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $5/Glass $15/Bottle – All the wonderful grape flavor of Inspiration with a light finish of Peach.

Raspberry Inspiration 4% sugar (Semi-Sweet Blush) $5/glass $15/Bottle – All the wonderful grape flavor of Inspiration with lovely hints of Fresh Raspberries.

Morning Star 4% sugar (Sweet White) $5/glass $13/Bottle ====NEW VINTAGE==== Peaches and Cranberries will make your taste buds dance in this beautiful blush. Created with Niagara grapes.

Tiffany 5% sugar (Semi-Sweet Blush) $7/Glass $23/Bottle Created with the Chambourcin grape! TROPICAL ISLAND FRUIT Flavors of papaya, Pineapple, Passion Fruit & Mango!

Celebration 6% sugar $6/glass $18/Bottle – Orange Moscato at its best! Bursting with beautiful orange floral notes. This is one of the best wines the world has ever seen.

Pink Catawba 6.8% sugar (Sweet Blush) $5/glass $13 Bottle – Bursting with exotic fruit flavors of Strawberry, Kiwi, Pineapple, Cherries, and Mango which will bombard your taste buds.

Bow Wow White – 7% sugar  $6.00/Glass  $17.00/Bottle – This sweet wine is sweet and fruity with floral aromas of passion fruit and Bing cherry!

Sweet Breeze 7% sugar (Sweet White) $5/glass $13/Bottle – Abundant Niagara grape aromas with a lovely fresh finish. This is the perfect wine to take on a relaxing summer picnic.

Terroir White 8% sugar (Sweet White) $8/glass $26/Bottle – NEW RELEASE! One of the Top Sweet Wines in the world! An elegant, world class wine with notes of Melon, Strawberry, & fresh ripe Kiwi.

Sunshine Red 9% sugar (Sweet Red) $5/glass $13/Bottle – Strawberry and Concord grape flavors all throughout.

1% For Nature Sweet White Niagara 9% sugar $8/glass $15.00/Bottle – Help Preserve Nature for our Future.

Red Raspberry 9% sugar $8/glass Small Bottle – $15 – Large Bottle – $29 – Bursting with Fresh Raspberries

Aarooroo Red – 10% sugar  $5/Glass   $13.00/Bottle – This sweet wine is bursting with abundant notes of fresh strawberries and wild black berries. You’ll be howling for more!

FROZEN DESSERT WINE $8/glass $25/Bottle – World class. Perfection in a glass.