Absolutely Delicious

Elegant Dry Whites

Magnificent Chardonnay 0% sugar $7/glass $22 Bottle – BRILLIANT ON THE NOSE! A PERFECT Chardonnay. Fruity, melon, and pineapple aromas with pleasant, complex, lemon zest, fig and mango tastes!

Wet Kiss White 0% sugar $7.00/glass  $19.00/Bottle – This crisp, dry white wine is bright and fresh with beautiful flower notes.


Renegade $7/glass $19 Bottle – New World meets Old World, an American Hybrid and a European Classic working in perfect harmony. The Perfect blend of Merlot grapes & the light and fruity CONCORD grape.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon $7/glass $22 Bottle – Deep Color, Rich Soft Voluminous Tannins, Intensity of Flavor. This Cab boasts waves of Silky Black Plum and Blackberry Fruit, its formidable structure lends itself to the Ultimate 8 Second Taste. Served at the Hampton Hotels.

Merlot 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged $8/glass $26 Bottle –  Rich Dark Ruby Color; very complex, soft smooth & subtle, blackberry, cocoa flavors, very dry, traditional black cherry aromas up front, full body, firm tannins, excellent balance. Served at the Hampton Hotels

The Godfather $9/glass $34 Bottle – RANKED IN THE TOP 1% WINES IN THE WORLD Crafted in only 75 bottles per batch, The Godfather demands respect. Uniquely aged in bourbon barrels to take on a vanilla, maple-oak aroma, full bodied, round tannins, leaving you with a long lingering buttery finish.

THE GODMOTHER $9/glass $34 Bottle – WOW! The Magic of Godmother…Where Wishes Come True. The Very Best of a Dry Red & the Sweet Memory of Eating Wild Raspberries of Long Ago.

UNDERGROUND 2020   $16/Glass $64 Bottle – FEATURING CABERNET FRANC!!!! – The perfect balance between wine and bourbon. The caramel and vanilla nose from the unearthed bourbon barrels meeting the elegance and complexity of Cabernet Franc creates the unique organoleptic experience that is Underground 2020.

Ruff Day Red – $7.00/Glass   $22.00/Bottle – This dry wine is a powerful blend of world class grapes, capturing the perfect balance of soft tannins and ripe dark fruit.

Introducing the 1st ever Blue Ridge Winery PORTS!!! 

Heavenly Chocolate! 4% sugar $8/glass  $25 Bottle Welcome to heaven. Enjoy world class red wine infused with decadent chocolate then perfectly fortified to 20% alc. it’s Heaven on Earth!

Caramel Brown Sugar! 4% sugar $8/glass  $25 Bottle – Luxuriously balanced with a warm sense of soft candy caramel dancing in perfect harmony with the firm tannin structure of red wine. It’s love at first taste every time!

Fire Roasted Marshmallow! 4% sugar  $8/glass  $25 Bottle Captures that perfect moment sitting around the campfire, crisp air, great friends, and delicious fire roasted marshmallows.


Conscious 1% sugar $6/glass $18 Bottle – **A VERY COMPLEX WHITE WINE** Starts like Moscato, feels like Riesling, ends like Chardonnay. The most delicate, floral wine in the world.

Mango Island Paradise 1% sugar $6/glass $20 Bottle – Place yourself on a beautiful tropical island, with your toes in the warm sand, sipping on the most delicious Hawaiian mango drink.

Riesling 1% sugar $5/glass $14 Bottle – This classic Riesling exhibits upfront aromas of soft peach with notes of lime.

Pinot Grigio 2% sugar $6/glass $22 Bottle ======A PINOT LIKE NO OTHER====== Lovely classic aromas of mixed flowers, orange blossom, ripe tropical fruit, apricot, citrus, and wonderful fruit-forward pear, honey and green apple flavors throughout; light body and perfectly balanced; clean, and very delicate.

Inspiration 3% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $4/Glass $12 Bottle ====VERY POPULAR===== A beautiful off dry elegant white wine. Apricot upfront with a long flavorful finish.

Special Edition Glitter Inspiration (Multiple Colors Available) 3% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $5/Glass $14 Bottle – The world famous Inspiration with the mesmerizing effects of edible glitter!

Peach Inspiration 4% sugar (Semi-Sweet White) $4/Glass $14 Bottle – All the wonderful grape flavor of Inspiration with a light finish of Peach.

Raspberry Inspiration 4% sugar (Semi-Sweet Blush) $4/glass $14 Bottle – All the wonderful grape flavor of Inspiration with lovely hints of Fresh Raspberries.

Morning Star 4% sugar (Sweet White) $4/glass $12 Bottle ====NEW VINTAGE==== Peaches and Cranberries will make your taste buds dance in this beautiful blush. Created with Niagara grapes.

Tiffany 5% sugar (Semi-Sweet Blush) $6/Glass $21 Bottle Created with the Chambourcin grape! TROPICAL ISLAND FRUIT Flavors of papaya, Pineapple, Passion Fruit & Mango!

Celebration 6% sugar $5/glass $16 Bottle – Orange Moscato at its best! Bursting with beautiful orange floral notes. This is one of the best wines the world has ever seen.

Pink Catawba 6.8% sugar (Sweet Blush) $4/glass $12 Bottle – Bursting with exotic fruit flavors of Strawberry, Kiwi, Pineapple, Cherries, and Mango which will bombard your taste buds.

Bow Wow White – 7% sugar  $5.00/Glass  $16.00/Bottle – This sweet wine is sweet and fruity with floral aromas of passion fruit and Bing cherry!

Sweet Breeze 7% sugar (Sweet White) $4/glass $12 Bottle – Abundant Niagara grape aromas with a lovely fresh finish. This is the perfect wine to take on a relaxing summer picnic.

Sunshine Red 7% sugar (Sweet Red) $4/glass $12 Bottle – Strawberry and Concord grape flavors all throughout.

Honey Bourbon Riesling – 8% sugar  $6/Glass  $18/Bottle – Mother Nature at her best!! The Bees worked diligently to present you this world class taste. The scent is lovely yet potent, combining lemon zest and honey, with a dash of butterscotch and cookie spice for good measure. The oak note is modest and gentle on the finish. Cheers to the honey bee!

 1% For Nature Sweet White Niagara 9% sugar $7 glass $14.00 Bottle – Help Preserve Nature for our Future.

Aarooroo Red – 10% sugar  $4/Glass   $12.00/Bottle – This sweet wine is bursting with abundant notes of fresh strawberries and wild black berries. You’ll be howling for more!

Terroir White 10% sugar (Sweet White) $7/glass $24 Bottle – NEW RELEASE! One of the Top Sweet Wines in the world! An elegant, world class wine with notes of Melon, Strawberry, & fresh ripe Kiwi.

Red Raspberry 9% sugar $7/glass Small Bottle – $14 – Bursting with Fresh Raspberries

FROZEN DESSERT WINE $11/glass $45 Bottle – World class. Perfection in a glass.